A participatory recycling project that aims to upcycle and recycle the waste produced in our local territories by working with social reintegration associations that are looking for reinsertion activities for their members and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who are looking for recycling solutions for their waste. Our goal is to assist these SMEs in the treatment of waste generated as a result of their businesses and various activities and help them contribute to their immediate society through these actions which can be considered as their corporate social responsibility. Our strategy is to work with social reintegration associations such as Chom’Actif, PLIE and others in the collection of these wastes and then upcycle them into new products that will be put on the market for sale or returned to their originating SMEs for reuse. This will not only create jobs for the people but also help the various SMEs to reduce their waste taxes and also have a greater impact on the various communities in which they are established. We believe that by putting this structure in place we will be working effectively on the three important pillars of sustainable development which are economic, social and ecological. Implementing this project will therefore lead us to the attainment of a sustainable development on our territory.

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Nesta is a registered charity in England and Wales 1144091 and Scotland SC042833.

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