Coworking Islands – Where social impact meets environmental responsibility


Islands communities in Croatia are facing a specific set of problems stemming from insularity and long term centralization of the state. This has led to mass emigration, depopulation and a rising trend of dependence on tourism as the major source of income. Ecological negligence and disregard for social problems are the main attributes of the current tourist model, while off-season economic activity and educational opportunities are reduced to a minimum. Implementation of this proposed model offers multiple benefits – ecological sustainability, economically feasible off-season tourist offer, and a kickstart of a balanced social development of the local community by taking advantage of global trends (rising number of coworkers and freelancers worldwide willing to spend part of the year working remotely and at the same time making a positive impact on the local community). Apart from offering an arrangement of activities, including coworking space and accommodation to freelancers and coworkers from Northern Europe, which will generate direct economic benefit, it offers a sound developmental frame for local young people. Through skill sharing its implementation will empower young people deprived of development possibilities, the possibility to partake in a localĀ  socially, ecologically and economically sustainable entrepreneurial initiative.

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