Erase All Kittens


Most girls perceive coding as being ‘more for boys’, ‘too difficult’ and ‘boring’. This is because computer science has been taught in a similar and instructional way which hasn’t been inspirational for girls, or maintained their interest. The WISE campaign found that if girls aren’t interested in STEM subjects by the age of 11, they are unlikely to ever become interested. Our goal is to completely transform how girls aged 8-12 perceive coding and engineering and to empower them with practical ‘real-world’ skills. Erase All Kittens (E.A.K.) is the first game designed from the ground-up to inspire young girls to code, and teach them professional coding languages, via highly gamified, story-driven gameplay. We carried out 18 months of research, interviewing hundreds of girls and immersing ourselves in their culture – analysing the most popular cartoons, books, movies and games, which don’t pander to gender stereotypes. Solely through word-of-mouth, E.A.K. has 140,000 players in over 100 countries, and 55% are girls (average for other tools/clubs is less than 18%). We aim to impact the lives of at least one million girls by 2020, by partnering with global organisations such as, CoderDojo, Girls Who Code and Google’s Made With Code.

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