es im-perfect


Espigoladors works as an alternative, inclusive, innovative and sustainable food chain system. The objective is to give second opportunities: surplus and ugly fruits and vegetables are rescued and donated to people in need. With those already left over, we process them into delicious sweet and salty snacks. At the same time, we enhance rural activity, in which youth work labour is diminishing, by giving a chance to youngsters in vulnerability situation (disabilities, minority groups, penitentiary system, no schooling). The same groups work in the vegetables and fruits preserves processing, with tasks such as preparing, cooking, packing and labelling. Espigoladors is the first social, non-profit and innovative entity to promote this kind of food chain system in Spain, by connecting and creating a network of local farmers, youngsters, food banks and social reinsertion enterprises. At the same time, “es im-perfect” is the first brand and set of products launched in Spain with all this social and environmental added value.

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