House of Nature


The House of Nature will be a social business offering sustainable touristic experiences in Transylvania, while reinvesting profit, skills and passion to empower locals, especially youth, for better perspectives for the future. The idea consists of using local natural and human resources, through an eco-friendly, self-sustainable guesthouse, to offer tourists a deep human connection to the village’s rhythms and to invest into the empowerment of locals by ensuring economic opportunities and tailored educational and social programs. Our project’s guiding principles: it is Good for the Community- it puts existing but latent resources at work, to overcome challenges such as lack of local jobs and opportunities for youth or lack of solidarity; it is Good for Business- a unique experience of rural tourism with a social purpose in one of the last unspoiled natural European landscapes; it is Good for Nature- it offers a glimpse on the future standard in hospitality, being a house with a low print on the environment, an eco-friendly building, reliant on self-produced energy for household necessities.

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