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There is a lot of work in the logistics sector (drivers, couriers, etc). Many young people are looking for work and also love to drive. Obtaining a driver’s license is expensive, and therefore a luxury for youth from low income families. By providing free driving lessons to unemployed youth, they are able to obtain a driver’s license and increase their chances of getting a paid job. The driving lessons are being provided by an instructor with extra skills required for the target group. Not only will the instructor provide technical driving lessons. The instructor will also act as a coach, supporting the development of social skills and general working skills. During their driving lessons in practice, the pupils make themselves useful for urban poor and (other) marginalized members of their local community by picking up free food surplus donated by groceries, whole sale and other suppliers, and deliver it to social food initiatives such as community restaurants of food banks. This way reducing food waste, and supporting small scale food initiatives that often lack logistics. Additionally, other (social) and small scale enterprises may hire the youth as couriers for their own delivery service or logistics, thus covering project costs. On their road to a paid job, the youth become involved in their local community and build a professional network. By deploying a sustainable transport option e.g. water-fueled vehicle, a contribution to tackling urban pollution is provided.

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